We are included in the ratings of the best organic products in Ukraine


The online publications BrandStory and Organic Standard look for the best organic brands in Ukraine and tell about them in their ratings. Danube Agrarian is among the leaders in three nominations at once: the top 15 most recognizable organic brands, the top 5 organic producers of vegetables and fruits and the top 4 organic producers of eggs.


The Ukrainian organic products market is developing fast and we are glad that we have the opportunity to join the great mission – to cultivate a culture of organic consumption in our country.

We have completed a long way to success, completely refused chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs and preservatives, controlled every stage of production and received international certification and the long-awaited Organic label.


2nd place in the top 15 most recognizable Ukrainian organic brands

We started our trip in 2013 from exporting cereal and technical crops. Thanks to constant development and belief in the idea of organic products, we have become a large-scale brand with about 50 items, including fruit, vegetables, cucurbits and cereals, livestock products and herbs.

Nowadays Danube Agrarian is not just a brand, but a separate philosophy of conscious consumption which shows love to its nation and land by means of popularization of healthy organic products.

You can find more information about the rating of the most recognizable organic brands of Ukraine on the BrandStory website.


1st place in the rating of organic fruit and vegetables producers

We are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of organic fruit and vegetables for our country. Danube Agrarian has gained popularity due to hard work and fidelity to the principles of organics.

At the moment we are the biggest producer of organic watermelons and melons, we are the one in Ukraine growing organic nectarines and peaches. You can find out about our way and achievements in the top 5 organic producers of vegetables and fruit in  BrandStory rating.


2nd place among organic eggs producers

We have created a real “resort” for our chickens, where they live in a modern chicken coop, have their own walking space with green grass, and eat only organic feed, which we grow ourselves – all in the best traditions of organic standards. And as a result Danube Agrarian brand took 2nd place among the best producers of organic eggs in Ukraine.

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