Organic enterprise in Ukraine


You must make efforts to create an organic enterprise. It is necessary to create a modern management model that preserves natural resources, adhere to international standards in the cultivation of quality organic products, and control each stage of production. And the most important task is to create a new generation of people who choose healthy food for the health of the nation!


Danube Agrarian is a Ukrainian organic enterprise possessing 2,000 hectares of land where natural vegetables, fruit, cereals and animal products are grown. Danube Agrarian products do not contain chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and pesticides. And organic production contributes to the conservation of natural resources and does not harm the environment.

We have completed a long way of improvement, obtained European certification of all the production stages in order to have the possibility to call ourselves an organic enterprise, and we regularly confirm our status.


Organics is a constant development and new challenges

Over the years of its existence, Danube Agrarian has become a large-scale organic enterprise that grows fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds and products of animal origin. Creating each new product we try to get the audience to “fall in love” with the world of organic products.

We have totally refused usage of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives and any inorganic additives to show how delicious, natural and real Ukrainian products can be. In addition, we are constantly looking for new ideas to draw attention to organics. For example, Danube Agrarian grows watermelons of unusual cubic shape. We were inspired by the idea in Japan, but we improved it and made the product not only original, but also organic.


Family health, nation health, land health

Some people think we grow “healthy” products. However, this is just a part of our work. Danube Agrarian’s mission is much larger: to grow a healthy nation. After all, organics are no longer just products without chemicals. This is a separate philosophy based on honesty and respect. We respect ourselves, so we want to have beneficial and safe products, we respect our nation, so we care that our people can buy organic in supermarkets, we care about the quality of Ukrainian land, so we adhere to European standards of cultivation to preserve natural resources for future generations.


That is why Danube Agrarian is chosen by those creating a happy future for their country on their own. Be different – eat organic!


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